New Bikes

New Bikes from Bicycle Links

Our new cycle range includes Orbea, Ridgeback, Raleigh, Dawes and Surly, plus quality children’s Frog bikes.

Electric Bikes from Bicycle Links

Want a little extra help with hills and distances? Carrying all the shopping home on two wheels? Go electric!

Electric bikes provide extra assistance when you pedal via a motor and battery, with a range from 12 miles to 90 miles between charges.

We sell beautiful electric bikes from Gazelle, in a range of models, motor types and sizes. Call into our shop anytime to discuss the differences and benefits with one of our staff.

Second hand bikes at Bicycle Links

New Bikes from Bicycle Links

We like to offer customers a wide choice of bikes, from economical secondhand ones starting at £75, to new cycles ordered and made up to your specification.

Accessories from Bicycle Links

We offer a wide range off accessories to help keep you moving from tyres, clothing, upgrades and bike security.  Please see below for some of the main brands we deal with.

Our Brands


The Dutch are world leaders when it comes to all things bikes, and Gazelle are one of the most popular brands – and manufactured in the Netherlands. These are quality bikes that are designed to last for years, with comfort and practicality a high priority. Large frame sizes are available.


With a history going back over a century, Raleigh are still making bicycles that are reliable and durable. We have used Raleigh cycles in our hire fleet, and are familiar with the quality of the design and components.


With a flair for design and an innovative approach to technology gained from over 80 years’ experience, Orbea stands firmly at the forefront of the cycling industry

Frog Bikes

Frog bikes filled a gap in the market for well designed lightweight children’s bikes. At Bicycle Links we have been stocking Frogs since they first came on the market, and despite a lot of competition now from other brands we still feel that they are the best in their price range. They hold their value well and we are happy to offer a buy-back price to anyone who has bought a Frog from us.


Ridgeback hybrid bikes are both stylish and dependably built. Designed for UK riders, Ridgeback’s hybrid bikes encompass a range of models, from hybrid sport & commuting bikes, to relaxed classic hybrid & city bikes.

With models available to suit men and women, affordable prices, and exceptional build quality, Ridgeback hybrid bikes are a popular choice amongst cyclists in the UK.


Dawes Bikes have a history stretching back to 1926, and are well known for their sturdy and robust touring bikes, able to go the distance while fully loaded. Their bikes include a wide range of hybrid bikes, from speedy hybrid sports bikes to classic cruisers, both perfect for hitting the streets.


Surly Bikes is a bicycle company based in Bloomington, Minnesota founded in 1998. They design bicycles, components, and, most notably, steel frames which are manufactured using 4130 chromoly steel.

Accessory Brands


Schwalbe is a German manufacturer of bicycle tires. Schwalbe produces a wide range of tires for different cycling applications, but is best known for its commuting, touring and utility tires such as the Marathon range.


Continental has been developing and manufacturing bicycle tyres since 1892. Those early, so-called “pneumatics”, which were much more comfortable and had less rolling resistance than the rim-mounted leather or iron bands used before them, have since been transformed into truly high-tech products. Today’s product lines offered by Continental are built to satisfy the demands of touring cyclists, mountain bikers and racing professionals.


Since 1976 we strive to make you enjoy your bike even more. We do this with the self-developed bicycle baskets and bicycle bags. With a complete collection of bicycle baskets, bags and accessories to suit your personal needs and style, Basil now makes more people happy.

AXA Bike Security

AXA Bike Security – is inextricably linked to cycling culture. For more than 115 years, the company has made every effort to optimally protect the cyclist and the bike. As a real bike fan, AXA Bike Security knows exactly what cyclists need to safely and confidently take to the road.

Sturmey Archer

For more than 100 years, Sturmey-Archer has been a pioneer in the design of internal gear hubs, hub brakes and dynamo lighting.


As a modern Family business and a sustainable innovative outdoor outfitter, VAUDE takes its responsibility for people and nature very seriously. We bring this claim to life in all three of our divisions: Mountain Sports, Bike Sports and Packs ’n Bags.

Moon Cycle Lights

Our belief is to bring the utmost standard of illumination of bicycle light for cyclists who explores mountains and cities in the dark. And the inspiration is always leading us as a team with passionate cyclists, designers and engineers to pursue the innovative technology and development


Over 40 years ago, Kryptonite began with a mission. While much has changed in bicycling, and bicycle security, our objective remains the same, we are here to empower you to protect what you value.

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