Donate A Bikes

Donate a bike to Bicycle Links

We are always happy to accept donated bikes in any condition, from children’s bikes upwards. We can’t accept car racks, turbo trainers, clothing or other cycling-associated gear.

We don’t have a vehicle and therefore we are not able to collect, but we’re happy to accept any bike that you can bring to our premises. Don’t worry if it’s in poor condition, we’ll still make the best use of it.

Just turn up during our opening hours and we’ll be delighted to help you unload a donated bike.

What happens to donated bikes?

Donated bikes may be refurbished by trainees and volunteers, and then re-sold to cover overheads; or given to other projects; or stripped down for parts which can be used on other bikes. We always re-use as much as possible.

We also act as a collection point for Re-cycle, a charity in Essex that sends bikes to their partner organisations in a number of African countries. We put aside bikes that are suitable for them, and they periodically send a truck up to collect them.