Do you support someone who would like to volunteer with us?

Working on bicycles can be very rewarding. Learning about tools and mechanics in a small informal group, while progressing at your own speed, can raise confidence and team skills.

At Bicycle Links all volunteers work in a safe and supportive environment, covered by our policies on safeguarding, health & safety and equality.

If you would like to refer someone to our volunteer programme please complete the form below with as much detail as possible. We may not be able to accommodate the participant immediately, but will contact them as soon as we have space.

Volunteer Referral Form

  • Please tell us for example whether you are providing professional or volunteer support, how long you have known the person you are referring, and whether your involvement is short term or ongoing.
  • The more information you can give us about this person, the better we can accommodate them. Any relevant details that you can disclose about health issues, background, disabilities, convictions or disadvantages will be helpful. If you prefer to email these details or provide them on paper just let us know. This information will be kept secure and confidential.
  • Any other comments?