Our professional repair workshop can carry out all bike repairs from simple punctures through to servicing carbon and electric cycles. We are members of ACT, the Association of Cycle Traders, and our staff are Cytech trained.

If you leave a bike with us we’ll take your phone number in case additional work is needed – we’ll always check with you first. We aim to fix punctures on the spot, if you want, but for other repairs you will need to leave your cycle with us. Payment is by card or cash, on collection.

Courtesy bike – if you are leaving your bike with us for a service or super service, for a single charge of £15 you can borrow a courtesy bike until we have carried out your repair.

Punctures 2019

Puncture repair £15.00 inc tube
Puncture repair: wheel only £12.00 inc tube
Puncture repair: hub gear/brake rear wheel £20.00 inc tube
Puncture repair: full chaincase or electric bike £25.00 inc tube

Individual repairs 2019

Fitting new tyre x 1 £8.00, plus tyre
Fitting new tyre x 2 £12.00, plus tyres
Wheel fitting: front £15.00, plus wheel
Wheel fitting: rear £20.00, plus wheel
Derailleur fitting inc new gear cable £24.00 plus parts
Bottom bracket fitting £25.00 plus parts
Chainset fitting £20.00 plus parts
Adjust brakes or gears £15.00
Service brakes or gears £17.00
Fitting new cables £12.00 each including cable
New brake pads front and rear £15.00, plus pads
Bleed hydraulic brakes £20.00 (£35.00 for pair)
Wheel true £15.00 plus £2 per spoke
Wheel Build £30.00 plus parts

Check ‘n’ Tune – £30

  • Gears and brakes set up
  • Mounting bolts for racks, mudguards, etc checked
  • Tyres inspected and inflated to correct pressure
  • Rim and brake pad wear checked
  • Drivetrain checked for wear and lubricated
  • Mechanic’s verbal report

Standard service – £55 (£65 for electric bikes)

  • Gears and brakes set up (hydraulic brakes bled at an additional £8 per brake)
  • Mounting bolts for racks, mudguards etc checked
  • Tyres inspected and inflated to correct pressure
  • Rim and brake pad wear checked
  • Drivetrain checked for wear and lubricated


  • Brake cables replaced, gear cables if required
  • Bearings checked and adjusted
  • Wheels trued on the bike
  • Detailed written report.

Free fitting for any new parts required during a Service.*

Super Service – £90

A standard service plus:

  • Full strip down
  • Brake and gear cables replaced with stainless steel cables
  • Hydraulic brakes bled
  • Bearings checked, removed and regreased
  • Bottom bracket, seatpost and stem removed and anti-corrosion treatment applied
  • Brake pads and braking surface inspected and cleaned
  • Wheels trued in truing stand

Free fitting for any new parts required during a Super Service.*

*Excluding Tannus solid tyres.

Wash and polish – £25

Grit and grime don’t do your bike any favours, so why not leave it with us for a wash’n’polish. We’ll clean the wheels and frame, and de-grease and lube the chain and gears, finishing with a silicon frame polish. Show your bike you care! Add to either a service or super service for £20.

Please note

We have parking, so if you are bringing a cycle in by car, just drive straight in. Staff are happy to help unload.

We do not carry out repairs on Saturdays.

Bikes can be left for up to four days after the agreed deadline date. After that we may charge a storage fee of £10 per week or part thereof. Bicycles that are in for repair will not be cleaned unless requested at an additional charge.

We are happy to work on old / retro / classic bikes and have experience with Sturmey Archer gears, hub brakes, rod brakes, older wheel sizes and imperial fittings – we may have to charge a per-hour labour fee for anything unusual, however, rather than a quoted price, as it is sometimes not possible to tell in advance how long a job will take.