We sell new cycles from the following brands:

The Dutch are world leaders when it comes to all things bikes, and Gazelle are one of the most popular brands – and manufactured in the Netherlands. These are quality bikes that are designed to last for years, with comfort and practicality a high priority. Large frame sizes are available.



With a history going back over a century, Raleigh are still making bicycles that are reliable and durable. We have used Raleigh cycles in our hire fleet, and are familiar with the quality of the design and components.







Frog bikes filled a gap in the market for well designed lightweight children’s bikes. At Bicycle Links we have been stocking Frogs since they first came on the market, and despite a lot of competition now from other brands we still feel that they are the best in their price range. They hold their value well and we are happy to offer a buy-back price to anyone who has bought a Frog from us.